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the good, the great, and the beautiful behind creator beth arielle mand

——the good——

I want to stand out and be successful. Growing up in New York City has exposed me to things I never thought I'd see and things I never even knew existed - maybe even things I wish I never saw - all of which, I think, I've used to my advantage. All the colors, the patterns, the art, the advertising; it's always so new and inspiring, and it's forced me to challenge myself in every aspect of my life.

——the great——

As a designer, I'm constantly exploring new methods for creating a final product that checks off every box on my design checklist:

    does it look good?
    is it functional?
    is it enticing?
    does it evoke emotion?
    really though, does it look good?

If it's missing but one of those boxes, it's back to the drawing board! And since time equates to money, well I've just learned to get it right on the first try.

——the beautiful——

I believe the saying goes, there's more to a book than just the table of contents... or something like that. Unfortunately, people don't come with a table of contents, but I can say that there is certainly more to myself than just my résumé and portfolio.

I bet you probably didn't know that I've been a drummer for over 15 years and I've recorded a full-length album. Or that I competed in the 2005 All-State Bowling Tournament held in upstate New York.

Maybe you didn't know that I am a huge sports fan and that, for the most part, I bleed blue and orange. Or that my hair has been every color of the rainbow at some point in my life.

So call me crazy, quirky, weird, awesome, or just a poor mets fan (I know...) because at the end of the day, I am who I am and I'm just damn good at it!

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